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Braga. Charm, History & Youth

By 17 July, 2019 July 18th, 2019 No Comments

Braga, a charming, young and promising city. With more than 2000 history was considered European capital of Youth in 2012, and later capital of sports in 2018.

Braga is an innovative city, rich in history, beauty and devotion. It is located approximately 1 hour by car from Porto, which makes this incredible destination so close and easily accessible. Its importance for its rich heritage and incredible landscapes, make this place a great destination to dedicate one of your travel days.

Indulge in the incredible local cuisine and convent sweets that you can find in the most diverse restaurants located in the medieval historical center. Get to know the fabulous churches, parks, leisure spaces and mandatory stops such as the sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte or the sanctuary of Sameiro, with wonderful views of the city of Braga.

The treasures of this city are true works of art. If what you are looking for is a place to stroll, relax, learn, have fun and above all contact with the history of our fabulous country, then this is the ideal tour for you. Travel through the past and modernity in just one day.

Our local guides carefully select every aspect of your trip, from the places of visit, to the location of your meal, to have a truly unforgettable experience.

Embark on an eight-hour trip and know all this without worry. The trip is an adventure from start to finish and you just have to relax and enjoy every moment.

We want to show you not only the most emblematic spots but also the lesser known and visited places and so we work with specialized local guides so that you can feel all the emotion of a citizen of the north of Portugal when telling all the stories with pride and sympathy.