The World Health Organization (WHO) declared today (11th March) a coronavirus pandemic, in recognition that the mere strategy of containing the proliferation of the disease would no longer be enough. The classification means that a recurring transmission is taking place in different parts of the world and simultaneously.

The Portuguese citizens who do not comply with the isolation requested by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) to halt the transmission of the new coronavirus from China (Covid-19) risk incurring a crime of spreading the disease, whose prison sentence can be up to five years.

The Portuguese government understands that the key to fighting Covid-19 is “containing the virus at this stage, so that there is no exponential increase in the number of infected”

DGS issued recommendations to companies regarding this issue, advising them to define contingency plans for suspicious cases among workers that include isolation zones and specific hygiene rules, avoiding meetings in the workplace.

DGS says that companies must be prepared for the possibility that part (or all) of their workers will not go to work, due to illness, suspension of public transport or closure of schools and that they should evaluate the essential activities in the company and the essential resources to maintain them.

Companies must include in their contingency plan basic procedures for hand hygiene (they must be washed with soap and water and / or disinfected), respiratory etiquette rules (avoid coughing or sneezing into hands), and wearing a surgical mask (including hand hygiene before putting on and after removing the mask) and social conduct that include changes in the frequency and / or the form of contact between workers and between them and customers, avoiding handshakes, face-to-face meetings and shared jobs.

Taking into account the current situation, still of low risk in our country, and in accordance with our standard cancellation policy, since we have not yet received guidelines regarding the cessation of our activity, we appeal to the common sense of all, to adopt the proper preventive hygiene measures during our travels.

If you do not feel comfortable traveling, please do not put at risk other passengers who may share the same tour.

In the event of possible cancellations, our company informs that it will only refund the amount paid on the reservations already confirmed for 2020 by submitting a medical report that prevents you from traveling.

We will keep our services open to the public until otherwise ordered by government entities.

All other reservations made as of today will maintain the standard cancellation policy that you can check on our website.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update this information on a regular basis.