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What should I take with me?

If you are going on a full day trip we recommend that you bring comfortable footwear, a power-bank so that you do not miss the opportunity to take wonderful photos if you run out of battery, appropriate clothes to the weather conditions of the place you will visit, and of course good mood!

Can I change pick-up adress?

The pick-up location is confirmed by email to the customer after all reservations have been verified so that there will be no delays on the day we provide our services.

Changes are subject to review by our reservations department and must be requested at least 24 hours in advance.

We always try to expedite the pick-ups to smooth the work of our guides and please our customers.

I have food restrictions. And now?

Food restrictions must be informed in advance at the time of booking so that we can communicate to the restaurant.

The information should be clear, about what you can or can not eat.

Please note that some local restaurants may not be prepared to meet some of our customer’s needs, but we will inform you about that before the tour takes place.

The drop-off location may be different from pick-up location?

The drop-off location may be different from the pick-up location and you may even bring your suitcases while traveling. You must make this request at the time of reservation in the field “Leave us a message”.

During the trip, if necessary, you can ask our guide for a change of plans, but this decision will be reviewed by our reservations management department since any changes may affect other passengers.