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Porto Gastronomy – What you can not miss!

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Traveling to Portugal will surely be a memorable trip as it is a country with breathtaking landscapes.

When you visit the fabulous northern coastal town of Porto, be sure to taste the best of its cuisine.

Porto is known for its delicious mouth-watering delicacies, always full of flavor. However, there are certain dishes that you cannot miss.


Porto’s most popular food is the famous Francesinha sandwich. Rich in flavor because it combines bread, ham, sausages, steak, cheese and egg. The taste of the sauce that is prepared by the restaurant itself, based on tomatoes and alcoholic beverages like beer, whiskey, port wine, is simply irresistible.


Tripas à Moda do Porto

If you want to eat the traditional Porto dish, then Tripas a Moda do Porto will be the best choice for you. It is a stew that combines chorizo, pork, veal casings, smoked meat and white beans. It is served with cooked white rice. Locals greatly appreciate this specialty.

Toucinho Do Céu

Toucinho Do Céu is the most famous almond cake you can find in Porto. The taste is incredibly delicious and pork fat is the main ingredient that is used to produce this cake. Some of the main ingredients are sugar, ground almonds, egg yolks mixed with egg whites, flour and butter. The cake is very sweet with a very smooth texture.



Bolinhos de Bacalhau

Have you tried codfish cake? There are over a thousand different ways to prepare this fish and each restaurant has its own specialty. Cod cakes are one of these countless recipes, mainly served as an appetizer or as a main course, accompanied by a beautiful tomato or bean rice. You can opt for mashed potatoes or even accompany this delight with a good salad.


There are no excuses for not tasting all these delicacies while in town. Excellent culinary destination not to be missed.